Apply to be a volunteer at OU Medical Center online!

This process works best on a desktop browser rather than on a mobile device.

It is not possible to save your progress and return later, so be sure you have plenty of time to complete the application in one sitting.

Volunteers 18 and older (year round):

Applications for our ADULT and COLLEGE volunteer programs are accepted anytime. Volunteers in these programs are usually asked to plan to volunteer at least once a week for at least a year, though some exceptions apply. If you are interested in our Teen Volunteer summer program, please see below.

Before you begin, be sure you have names and phone numbers for 3 references on hand.

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Volunteers 17 and younger (Summer program):

Applications for the 2018 Summer Teen Volunteer program are no longer available, as the deadline has passed. Applications for the 2019 Summer Teen Volunteer program will be available in February.

If you have any other questions, please call the Volunteer office at 405-271-5500.